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* If "Use of Land" or "Landlord / Manager of Premises", please list the full address of the space / plot of land, or an area description if no address is available for the land this pertains to:



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   Explain the relationship between your company and the requesting entity?  What services are being provided between your company and the requesting entity?  

 Dates of the job, service(s), trip(s) - If Applicable ?
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Do not check "Yes" if you are not sure.  Adding an entity as an Additional Insured (checking "Yes") may result in a premium charge to you, as this could extend liability coverage from your policy (defense costs & possible claim payment) to that entity.
Applicable Lines of Insurance? Check all which apply, only if known. General Liability     Auto Liability     Umbrella / Excess  
Employers Liability (Work Comp)     Professional Liability (E&O)
Other (ie Bond, etc. Use Add'l Comments below to define if necessary.)


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NOTE: Some entity's have unique wording / coverage in their requirements.  If you are not sure that your
insurance coverage is adequate, please forward a copy of the insurance requirements to us for review:
Email Copy to:  insurance@thompsongusic.com    or    Fax Copy to: (877) 271-8898
Questions: (412) 271-8888

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